The story of Armageddon :

ARMAGEDDON is a solo project who started around 2001 from the passion of one man for Metal.

“Armageddon” was first a stage name for him when he entered LORD, a Black Metal band, in 1999. Beside his work in Lord as a drummer, he started to practice guitar and bass. His studio experiences with Lord also gave him the taste for sound engineering and he started to equip himself with studio gear.

That’s how ARMAGEDDON, the solo project, began : he needed to play guitar and practice the studio techniques, he was creative and was writing a growing compilation of guitar riffs and songs.

This gave birth in 2002 to the demo entitled “Through The Endless Torments Of Hell”, a blend of his Metal influences, mostly Black (Bathory, Darkthrone), Death (Possessed, Death), Thrash (Destruction, Kreator, Slayer) and Heavy Metal (Running Wild, Mercyful Fate).

After releasing that demo, he engineered LORD’s second album, “Hell’s Fucking Metal”. This album was released in 2003 and was a great success. That success comforted him in the idea that he could do quite a big part of the production process on his own and still have good results. So he carried on with ARMAGEDDON but on a very slow motion as he was busy with bands like LORD, UNHOLY WAR, and EXCRUCIATE 666.

When he came back to ARMAGEDDON in early 2010, inspiration was back again and he wrote quite a few more songs. Looking back, he realised he had a great number of songs, some really good, some unfinished, that could make a great album.

In summer 2011, ARMAGEDDON’s first album was finished, with 10 tracks of pure Metal and a cover art by Joe Petagno (main artist for Motorhead). The songs have a Thrash approach, with touches of Death and Black Metal. The lyrics are often dark and morbid, reflecting a complex mind.


Who is Armageddon :

Silvere "Armageddon" Catteau - Guitars, bass guitar, drums and voices